Recurring revenue for non-profits

Earn monthly recurring revenue by creating exclusive content for your most loyal fans
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Monthly subscriptions made easy

Invite your fans, create & share your content and generate recurring revenue to support your non-profit.

Full control or your own data
Own your content

Don't depend on one-time donations. Instead, build out your own community with your most loyal fans and be closer to your fans than ever.

For who is it?

It’s for all non-profits and organizations whom make a positive impact on the world by helping animals, people, …

What content can I publish?

You are in full control of how much and what content you’d make. So share whatever you think a true fan would love to learn about you and your organization.

How can I build an income through Fancima?

Monthly subscriptions form the basis and if fans like to make a donation, they can make it very smoothly and easily through the platform.